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Founded in 2015, the green low-carbon Xerkngrothys brand is a women's shoe brand owned by Meiji company in dongguan, guangdong province, China.Stand out in numerous brand shoe.Time to design and create new environmentally friendly shoes. The brand of environmentally friendly shoes has been popular among consumers since 2016, calling it the earth friendly and beautiful shoes in the world.

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  • Core technology: XerkngRothy is low-carbon and environment-friendly. The raw materials for shoes can also be recycled from discarded plastic bottles, and the brand development is an innovative 3D weaving technology, which avoids the traditional shoemaking process, wasteful steps and production process due to cutting, and flat shoes can also be washed directly.
  • Term of exclusive right: Xerkng trademark registration number: 17125200XerkngRothy trademark registration number: 25477722 from 21 August 2016 to 20 August 2026 from 21 March 2019 to 20 March 2029Registration number: 25475049 hincon trademarks February 2, 2019 solstice February 27, 2029 registration number: 30740648
  • Clothing shoes, hat socks, gloves, scarf, wedding dress, cross knot, garment belt, bath towel, sleeping mask design concept

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