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The Xerkng Rothys brand flats are made of discarded plastic bottles that transform into fashionable women's shoes.

We cleaned the recycled plastic bottles, made them into small pieces, then pressed them into soft and thin threads, and weaved them into various lines and colors of uppers. Then we combined the rubber sole and the insole with hands. Together.

Because the knitted upper is woven with 3D technology computer software, it does not waste yarn, artificial labor costs, but also zero-pollution material recycling, truly environmentally friendly and best use. Because this kind of upper is one-time weaving, there is no seam in the middle of the heel, so it will not be worn and light. Breathable, dirty, thrown into the washing machine will not be out of shape, will not change color.

It is people's life and leisure work. Work. The comfortable shoes on the walk called this shoe is the world's earth-friendly and beautiful shoes.

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